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Shiatsu Workshop and Social Interaction

Shiatsu Workshop and Social Interaction May 26, 2017


FRIDAY MAY 26, 2017
email us at for more information and/or register to attendance.


Evening starts with a study session with Tao Shiatsu Instructor
Alex Pereklitafrom 6:30 to 7:20 (“Aikido and Tsubos”), a study session with Zen Shiatsu Instructor
Daniel Adler from 7:30 to 8:20 (“working with Conscious Touch – two points as one”),
followed by music with Andrea Gerhardt, snacks, drinks,
and social time from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

Everyone is welcome to join!

Fee of $20 for STS members, $25 for non-members includes light snacks, drinks and great prizes.


Shiatsu May 26, 2017

Japanese Moxibustion Course

When: Feb 21,28 – 2-6 pm
Where: Centre for well Being
Cost: $120 including moxa starter kit.
$60 one day (STS members)
Practise/retake is free (but please register)
Teacher: Lisa Dowling


One of the most effective and misunderstood treatment methods in the West. The symbol that we are familiar with which we know to represent acupuncture in Chinese Medicine actually means ‘acupuncture and moxibustion.’  One of the reasons why moxa is overlooked is due to its pungent nature.  Clinicians are not working in spaces with sufficient ventillation and it can get quite smoky.  When you experience Japanese moxa, you will see that the mugwort herb is very refined and high quality – it is much more expensive, but you also need to use much less of it.  The smell is almost non-existent, and in fact people find it very soothing.

Japanese moxa is a safe and effective method of applying moxa to patients that has little scent, and a great effect. The art of rolling and applying moxa with shiunko cream takes practise and patience, and many individuals never learn proper technique thus, do not continue to practise.
Some current texts state that moxa should not be used in excess heat conditions, but when you read the Classics, you see that this is a misunderstanding.  Most practitioners who study the Chinese Classics have a deep respect for moxibustion.

Moxa is incredibly effective for many conditions including:

Extreme fatigue (when other treatments will tire the patient more, moxa will energize them)

Opening the 12 Channels, increasing energy and blood flow throughout the body

Warm the body, expel Cold

Prevent diseases, treat parasites, bateria, fungus

and most famously treat Malposition of Fetus


Week 1: Treatment for Acute conditions – Musculoskeletal issues including fracture, sprain, strain, Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, Breech presentation

Week 2:  Treatment for Chronic conditions – Autoimmune conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Infertility, Depression, Insomnia and Fatigue

Real Client cases will be presented to observe treatament protocols

Participants will learn a brief histology of moxibustion, learn moxa techniques as well as practise treatment methods including treating deficient and cold syndromes, strains, sprains and broken bones, and turning breech babies.  Emphasis will be on effective points, and injury specific treatment methods.  Approximately 20% of the workshop will be theoretical based and 80% practical.

 If you have studied moxa previously, but would like to brush up on your skills, or would like to experience only one of the classes feel free to register for only one day

Lisa Dowling first studied the art of Japanese Moxibustion in 1999 with Junji Mizutani, who came to Toronto to lead a seminar at that time. Mr Mizutani is also the director of the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, and author of Practical Moxibustion Therapy. Since then she has been teaching moxa to students, and uses moxa in her practise on a daily basis and sees amazing results.

Lisa Dowling BA, R Ac

Shiatsu, Acupuncture
(416) 986-3429