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STS annual AGM Tonight
Please join us !

Date and Time: January 21 from 7 pm to 9 pm

Place: CSI (Centre for Social Innovation), 720 Bathurst St
June's Room (ground floor)
STS Board of Directors
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Thank you so much Ted Saito for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us on Sunday the 19th of October. It is a great privilege to be with you and receive inspiration from your devoted 50 years of practice in Shiatsu Therapy . A shout out to members of the STAO who joined us to celebrate the practice of Shiatsu Therapy in Canada . Looking forward to celebrating 50 years of Shiatsu Therapy in Canada in 2020. ... See MoreSee Less

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Come out and celebrate the work of Ted Saito this Sunday October 20th at 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you . RSVP at ... See MoreSee Less

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STS planning a mini workshop
by Ted Saito this October

We recently received some very uplifting news with photos from Ted Saito, known as the Father of Shiatsu in Canada, so we thought we should share it with you to invigorate and lift your shiatsu spirits. The STS is planning a mini workshop by Ted himself in October this year, and we will announce the date soon.

Ted has been giving Shinso Shiatsu workshops in Europe every year for the last 20 years while continuing his current research and practice in Toronto. At the age of 78 he has slowed down a bit since a major operation on stenosis last year, but he couldn't turn down the shiatsu practitioners in Europe waiting to learn his new diagnostic and treatment method. So he traveled to Austria, Switzerland, and Italy for 3 and a half weeks this year. Despite the gruelling 40 degree heat, he was able to complete the workshop schedule successfully. He said he always appreciated the European students' eagerness to learn new things and their ability to put it in use.

This year he taught 1. Autonomic nervous system......meridian diagnosis and treatment 2.Inner organs......refined meridian diagnosis method 3. Muscle meridians......meridian diagnosis method and treatment.

For those that didn't know, Ted is the person who first brought shiatsu to Canada from Japan in the early 70s, after studying under Namikoshi sensei and Masunaga sensei. When those masters were still alive, he invited them to Toronto and organized their lectures and workshops. His passion to improve diagnostic and treatment skills has never lost fire, and when you meet him, you will find him a very kind and generous man.

He is one of the leading bright lights of shiatsu in the world. So we wanted to share this with you and to get you all inspired by the man.

Hope you have had a great summer and we, board members are really hoping to see you at Ted's mini workshop in October!!!!
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