Membership Requirements

Currently in Ontario most complimentary health professions are moving towards competency standards which determine eligibility to practise. This means simply that hours of training have become less relevent, and knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for safe practice of the given modality have become the new standard.

The Shiatsu Therapy Society is in the process of moving toward a competency based standard; making the number of hours practised less relevant, and experience as well as the continued expansion of training, knowledge and support of the profession moving to the forefront. In doing so, the Shiatsu Therapy Society has created a list of membership requirements that is not limited to professional training but includes the following items:

  • Professional shiatsu training
  • Ongoing training, mentorship, apprenticeship programs and professional development
  • Training in other related modalities
  • Ongoing professional practise
  • Volunteer or Community development

All of these areas are important to produce effective therapists, and to create a presence for shiatsu in our community. In order for the profession to advance, it is crucial that therapists fulfil their obilgations to their profession, and to society as a whole.

In another attachement is our competency document, which is under peer review until January 2015. Please feel free to review this document and provide your feedback.

As well as professional training and personal development, the Shiatsu Therapy Society requires you to have professional liability insurance to cover your professional shiatsu practise, and an up to date CPR certification level A. We will require the number of your policy documented with your application form. We also require you to read our code of ethics, and to sign acknowledgement, and to pay your annual fees.


The Shiatsu Therapy Society-Membership Options:

1. Licensed Shiatsu Therapist (LST)


  • Diploma documenting minimum 500 hours of Shiatsu Therapy training, practise, volunteer, ongoing related training and continuing education.
  • Professional liability insurance.

** Please note that updating your CPR training every two years is no longer a requirement for membership renewal, however, we do stress the value of having this type of training.  For new members, we require CPR training in order to to be a Licensed Shiatsu Therapist with the Shiatsu Therapy Society (Basic (Level A) CPR training.

Annual membership-$50

2. Licensed Shiatsu Therapist (LST) with Alternative Licensing from another Health Care Profession:


  1. Diploma documenting 500 hours of Shiatsu Therapy training,
  2. Professional liability insurance
  3. Proof of current membership with a Provincially Regulated Health Profession.

For Example:

  • Registered Acupuncturist.
  • T.C.M Practitioner.
  • Registered Massage Therapist.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physiotherapist

Annual membership-$25

3. Supporting Membership:

  • Shiatsu Associate Membership – $25
  • Student Membership- $25

If you would like to extend your participation in the STS beyond membership, we would be delighted to engage your intelligence, dedication and expertise in the process of advancing the status of Shiatsu Therapy and in the smooth running of this organization. Please circle below the areas in which you have an interest or talent. The time commitment may vary depending on your focus. Please enquire at (

  • Budget and finance
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Fund-raising
  • Graphics or Web design
  • Insurance
  • Law and legislation
  • Leadership (Local or Municipal)
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Newsletter including artwork and articles
  • Membership
  • Public relations
  • Publicity
  • Research
  • Other