About the Shiatsu Therapy Society

The Shiatsu Therapy Society of Canada is a professional shiatsu association registered in the province of Ontario . We are a non-profit organization that was created to support and represent shiatsu therapists of all styles and disciplines.

Board Members:

  • President – Alex Pereklita
  • Vice President – Eriko Miyazawa
  • Treasurer – Trinity Dempster
  • Secretary – Daniel Pikelin
  • Membership – Tsuyoshi Mogi
  • Communications – Timothy Phillips

Committees Members:

  • City of Toronto Liaison re: Licensing – Timothy Phillips
  • Education – Trinity Dempster and Lisa Dowling
  • Events – Daniel Pikelin

STS Mission Statement
The goal of the STS is to bring together shiatsu practitioners in an association which works to promote, develop and advocate for the profession.

We aim to:

  • Establish Shiatsu Therapy as a self- regulated health care profession, subject to a high standard of education and practice.
  • Encourage, respect and collaborate with Shiatsu Therapists of different styles, while maintaining standards that apply to all.
  • Promote Shiatsu Therapy through community involvement, public events and networking with other healthcare providers.
  • Support individual shiatsu therapists in their practice by providing access to continuing education, appropriate business marketing skills and other business opportunities
  • Educate the public about the unique approach, principles and benefits of shiatsu therapy as a preventative health modality.
  • Advocate for shiatsu therapy by gaining recognition at the local (public, municipal) and provincial (governmental) levels.
  • Strengthen ties with regulated health care providers who have a background in shiatsu training.
    History of STS

The STS was born of the collaborative efforts of three pre-existing Shiatsu Therapy Associations. When the Directors of the SSO, ZSS, and JSHMSC came together in 2012, they were looking to find a way to work together to promote the profession, its public image and strengthen the shiatsu community. They decided that the best way to move forward together, was to erase the dividing lines between them, and start fresh with a new association. The STS was officially founded in 2013 and aims to be an inclusive association that welcomes shiatsu therapists of all lineages and backgrounds with an emphasis on continued education, personal and professional development.