Code of Ethics

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1) ENVIRONMENTAL Members of the STS are obliged to be aware of their role and responsibility to their community, locally and globally.
2) CONDUCT STS members are professionals who conduct themselves ethically and in accordance with the standards and quality of their training. They represent themselves and their certification honestly and practice only those modalities in which they are qualified. Members must recognize that their primary obligation is towards the client. Members may only acquire new clients through referrals, honest business promotion/marketing, and building trusting relationships with members of the public.
3) HEALTH Members of the STS are required to use Health History Questionnaires when seeing new clients and they must keep accurate follow-up records of each treatment that they give. They realize that part of their responsibility to their clients is to recognize when the practice of Shiatsu Therapy will not be beneficial or is contraindicated to the client’s condition. In these cases, they will refer the client to the appropriate medical practitioners.
4) CLINIC IMAGE STS members are required to pay scrupulous attention to cleanliness and hygiene in their practice and strive to create a relaxing atmosphere in which their clients may receive treatment. Members must present a clear and simple fee structure for services to be performed.
5) CONFIDENTIALITY STS members hold the information that their clients give them, in whatever form, in the strictest confidence. They strive to maintain clear communication with their clients and willingly describe the techniques used in treatment for their client’s benefit.
6) TRUST STS members foster relationships of trust with their clients and establish clear boundaries with their clients in order to create an atmosphere of safety.
7) RESPECT STS members honour the client’s physical and emotional state and respect the therapeutic relationship.
· They are considerate of the client’s personal comfort zone.
· They respect a client’s requests as much as possible, within the scope of professional and ethical limits.
· They do not engage in sexual activity with a client.
· Shiatsu therapists will be clothed, and clients will be either clothed or fully covered by a sheet at all times while receiving a shiatsu treatment.
· They acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person and refrain from discriminating against clients or peers.
8) INTEGRITY STS members practice Shiatsu Therapy in a professional compassionate manner, representing themselves, their practice and their art in an honest, accurate and ethical way. They conduct business honestly and make every effort to ensure that they communicate with their clients in such a way that information and advice is understood.
9) COURTESY STS members communicate clearly and directly with others, both professional and public, in an open and courteous manner. They respect the standards set by the authorities that govern the practice of Shiatsu Therapy and Asian Medicine within Canada and wherever they are in practice. Members refrain from misrepresentations, acts, words or silences that may be misinterpreted by clients.
10) EXCELLENCE STS members recognize that at the core of Shiatsu Therapy rests the notion of practice. To that end, members regularly undertake professional assessment and personal development to increase both skill and ability so as to better oneself and to better serve the client.
11) MISCONDUCT STS members are expected to conduct themselves according to this Code of Ethics. If circumstances should arise where the conduct of a member is questioned, this member will be subject to a review by the Society’s Ethics and Complaints Committee. The inquiry will ascertain the nature of the complaint and give an opportunity for all concerned parties to express their views. Should it be found that the issue can be rectified, all help possible will be given to assist the member in rectifying the situation and conducting their practice more efficiently. However, should it be found that the member in question is in violation of the Code of Ethics laid out by the Society, appropriate action will be taken which may result in the termination of their membership.

All members of the STS are required to abide by the above Code of Ethics.
An Ethics Committee presides over this to ensure that the highest possible standards are upheld for the practice of Shiatsu Therapy.
A public complaints inquiry and review process is established to address any ethical concerns.
All practising members of the STS are required to carry current professional liability insurance, as well as having current CPR/First Aid training.
For members in the GTA, a current Holistic Practitioner’s Licence is also required.