Shiatsu Therapy Society Complaint Procedure

Complainant files a written grievance via email to the S.T.S.

Board Action

  • The Board acknowledges the grievance in writing within 14 days.
  • The Board also immediately forwards grievance to therapist requiring a response.
  • The Board forward the response to the complainant within 30 days.

Outcome A

Grievance is resolved between complainant and therapist ending the process.

Outcome B

Grievance is unresolved between complainant and therapist. If complaint is unresolved, the following steps are taken.

Board Action

A Complaints Committee is formed made up of the following members:

  • Two S.T.S. members
  • One regulated professional
  • Two members of the public

The Complaints Committee requests further information from both parties should it be required. This must be received within 30 days.

The Complaints Committee then determines if the therapist followed the S.T.S.’s Code of Ethics in regards to the complaint.

Outcome C

If the Member has followed the S.T.S.’s code of ethics, the Complaints Committee issues a statement to complainant and therapist.

Outcome D

If the Complaints Committee finds the therapist has not followed the S.T.S.’s Code of Ethics, the Committee issues a statement of its decision to the complainant and therapist.

The Complaints Committee will take one or more of the follow actions regarding the therapist’s failure to follow the Code of Ethics:

  • Practice recommendation
  • Written warning.
  • Suspension of membership
  • Termination of membership
  • Recommendation of continuing education
  • Any other action deemed appropriate by the Complaints Committee

Right of Appeal

Both the complainant and the therapist have a right to appeal decisions of the Complaints Committee provided the appeal includes new or specific information not included in the original statements provided to the STS, or in the information gathering of the Complaints Committee process. Once the new information is provided to the STS in writing, the complaints process is repeated with a new Complaints Appeal Committee made up of the following members:

  • 1 S.T.S. board member from the initial committee for orientate new panel members
  • 1 new S.T.S. member
  • 1 new regulated health professional
  • 2 new members of the public