Membership Application

Membership Application Form

There are four steps to your application:

  1. Read the information on our Membership page regarding membership levels and required curriculum to determine eligibility;
  2. Complete this online application form and sign the Shiatsu Therapy Society Code of Ethics;
  3. E-Mail your supporting documents (educational history, letter of apprenticeship, documentation of treatments if necessary) to: or send to address below (this way might take more time)

Shiatsu Therapy Society
875 Bloor St West
PO Box 168
Toronto Ontario
M5S 2S7

  1. Submit payment either by paypal (below), email money transfer to, or by cheque. Please do not mail cash.

LATE FEES: Annual membership begins on January 1 of each calendar year. The fee for a late application is $25, and will be applied to any application received more than 30 days after the application deadline (after Jan 31). For new applicants applying outside of the application dates, annual feels will be ammortized accordingly for the first year.

If you require assistance please contact the Membership Director at

REVIEW PROCEDURE: Each application will be reviewed individually. We encourage you to apply even if you do not fulfill all of the requirements listed below. In such cases, we may request a practical review and further details as to your clinical experience and training.

CPR TRAINING: Please note that you are no longer required to have updated CPR training when renewing memberships.  For those applying for the first time, we require CPR training in order to to be a Licensed Shiatsu Therapist with the Shiatsu Therapy Society.

Please see the links page for some suggested organizations in the G.T.A.

CERTIFICATE ADMINSTRATION: Please allow up to 21 DAYS from the date of your application for processing of your application and delivery of your certificate through Canada Post by mail.

(Fillable PDF form: To use this Form you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader[Free Download from here])
1. Download Application Form to your computer.
2. Fill-up your informations.
3. Save it on your computer.
4. then send it to membership(at)

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